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  • Salvador
    SALVADOR PORTLocated in a privileged way in the Todos os Santos Bay, the main feature of the Port of Salvador is that it is a port with an export profile for products and stands out in the handling of containers, general cargo, wheat, cellulose and also in the reception of cruise ships.
    Recently, it received investments in its maritime accessibility (dredging of depth to 15 meters), terrestrial (construction of Via Expressa Baía de Todos os Santos) and new equipment, services and infrastructure, which will increase its operational capacity for receiving ships of large tonnage, such as those of 4th full-containers. Generation or post-panamax. It also stands out with the modern container terminal, installed in an area of 117 thousand m², considered as one of the best equipped among the port terminals in the country.


  • Aratu
    Inaugurated in 1975, Aratu-Candeias fulfills the role of inducing the industrial development process in Bahia, enabling the two main hubs of the sector existing in the State: the Centro Industrial de Aratu (CIA) and the Industrial Pole of Camaçari. Four decades later, the port, Salvador’s “discontinued extension”, is one of the most important outlets for chemical and petrochemical production in the entire country.
    Presenting a width of 9km, with a minimum depth of 30m. The access channel has an approximate length of 3.7km, width of 180m and depth of 18m.


  • Madre de Deus
    The Terminal facilities are located at the Port of Madre de Deus, on the island of the same name, about 15.5 miles from the anchorage southwest of Banco da Panela,
    at the Port of Salvador. The Terminal is limited to the north by Maria Guarda Island, to the south
    by Ilha do Frade, on the east by Ilha da Maré and on the west by Ilha das Vacas.
    The terminal’s pier allows five ships to dock simultaneously. All mooring stations have light beacons and are classified as main and
    secondary. The main posts are identified by the letters PP, followed by numbers: PP-1, PP-2, PP-3 and PP-4. Secondary posts are identified by the letters
    PS, followed by numbering: PS-1 and PS-2.


  • Cotegipe Port Terminal
    COTEGIPE TERMINALThe Cotegipe Port Terminal is located in the Cotegipe Industrial and Port Complex on the south bank of the Cotegipe channel, northwest of Ponta do Fernandinho, Aratu Bay, Municipality of Salvador-BA, and is located at the following geographical coordinates: Latitude 11 ° 47 ’26 S and Longitude 38 ° 28′ 5 W.
    It started operations on October 6, 2005 with the unloading of wheat to Grande Moinho Aratu, a company of the M. Dias Branco Group. As of 2006, with the construction of its first bulk warehouse, with a static capacity for 100,000 t of soybeans, shipments of cereals destined for export began. The Cotegipe Port Terminal currently has two mooring berths, with a total length of 520m, warehouses and silos for 396,000 t of grain and trailer tippers with a reception capacity of 1,500 t / h. The port facilities are private and of mixed use.


  • Tecon
    TECON TERMINALTecon Salvador, is located in the city of Salvador, capital of Bahia, 50km from the Petrochemical Complex of Camaçari, with exclusive access to BR-324, the main federal highway that connects Salvador to the other Brazilian states.
    Serving the main maritime lines that connect Brazil to important international markets, the terminal has 163,200 m² of total area, a linear pier 800 meters long and 17 meters maximum depth, another secondary pier 240 meters long and 12 meters ( 39 feet) of draft. The business unit also has 684 outlets for refrigerated containers, 4,000 m² of warehouse, and 550,000 TEU of annual handling capacity. The equipment is state of the art, including six STS (Ship-to-Shore) Super Post-Panamax dock cranes and three STS Panamax cranes, 16 RTG (Rubber-Tyred Gantry) yard cranes, 5 Reach Stackers and 3 Side Loaders as well such as the Navis N4 operating system, a global leader in port terminal management and 44 Terminal Tractors.


  • Dow Química
    DOW TERMINALThe Dow Química Terminal is intended for handling chemical products such as cryogenic ethylene, liquid propylene oxide and liquid propylene. It belongs to the company “Dow Química” and is managed by it.It is located at the tip of Mangueira, on the north bank of the Cotegipe channel and its accesses are shown in letters 1103, 1104, 1110 and 1101.


  • Ford Terminal
    The Miguel de Oliveira Private Port Terminal, in Bahia, is a Ford venture to sell its vehicle production. It is more popularly known as “Port of Ford”. It was inaugurated on October 31, 2005, in the Cotegipe Canal, a connection between the Bay of Todos os Santos and the Bay of Aratu, in the municipality of Candeias.
    The Terminal has a radio frequency system – which allows vehicles to be located in seconds – fixed and mobile TV cameras and strict control of visitor access in bonded areas. The large patio is 119 thousand square meters. The berth is 195 meters long and the depth for receiving vessels varies from 12 to 14 meters. The width of the channel is 26 meters. Vehicle loading and unloading operations are carried out through 10 bays equipped with ramps, with the simultaneous operation of up to ten stork trucks.


  • Usiba Terminal
    USIBA TERMINALThe GERDAU / USIBA Terminal is destined to receive raw or pelletized iron ore and pressed iron scrap. It is located at the tip of Sapoca, district of São Tomé de Paripe and belongs to and is managed by the GERDAU / USIBA group.
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