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Madre de Deus

Foto do Porto de Madre de Deus

The Terminal facilities are located in the Port of Madre de Deus, on the island of the same name, about 15.5 miles from the southwest berth of Banco da Panela, in the Port of Salvador. The Terminal is limited to the north by Ilha Maria Guarda, south by Ilha do Frade, east by Ilha da Maré and west by Ilha das Vacas.

The terminal’s pier allows five ships to dock simultaneously. All docking stations have light beacons and are classified into major and minor. The main posts are identified by the letters PP, followed by the numbers: PP-1, PP-2, PP-3 and PP-4. The secondary posts are identified by the letters PS, followed by the numbering: PS-1 and PS-2.

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